***Before you begin: Please be sure to have a Digital copy of your vaccine. (Photocopy, image, etc.)***

1. Log in to Cardinal Apps and Click on the Med+Protector Vaccination App
If you have submitted vaccine proof already and are now uploading your booster information please proceed to Step 13. "Uploading your Booster Information."

2. Input all personal information. 
Asterisk (*) are required fields
This is an optional field. "None" can be selected under the dropdown.

3. Under the dropdown for "Requirement Group, select "COVID Only"

4. Enter term, ID Number, and Housing Status (Campus Resident)

5. Click "Continue"
6. Enter your full name to agree to terms, then click "Agree".
7. Click "Continue" 
  ***Submitting with M+P Pro is not required, this is Optional. (Green Button)  ***

8. Click "No, thank you. I do not want access to my documents later." (Gray Button)
*** If you DO NOT have an image/ digital copy of your Vaccine card, you can use the "Immunization Certificate" at the top of the page in the PINK area. You DO NOT need to do both.***

*** If you have a digital copy of your card, continue to Step 9.***

9. Select "COVID Documentation" Or "Supporting Documentation" under the "Document Type" dropdown menu

10. Choose the appropriate file from your device by selecting "Browse"

***A red error message will appear if the file is not in one of the formats listed in the error. ***

11. Select a file with the Correct Format, then click "Continue" 

12. Upload is complete. Your record is being reviewed.

***Expedite review is OPTIONAL.***
13. Uploading your Booster information
Click on the blue link that says "Click here to submit another document"
14. Select "COVID Vaccine" or "Supporting Documentation" from the Document Type drop-down menu.
15. Click "Choose Files" to locate your file
16. Find your file, then click "Open"
17. Click Continue
18. You will be taken to a confirmation page that says, "Your application has been processed and verified to be complete." 
Within a few days, you will receive an email that looks like this stating your information is verified.